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How Can I Make My Lumineers Last Longer?

Hi there,

I want a new smile, and am interested in getting porcelain veneers. My cosmetic dentist works with Lumineers, so I was thinking of getting them. However, I want my smile makeover to last a long time. What can I do to make sure my Lumineers last 15-20 years?

Sidney, from Amarillo, TX


Hi Sidney,

It is good that your dentist is comfortable working with Lumineers. The first step to making sure your cosmetic dental work lasts a long time is choosing an expert cosmetic dentist. Lumineers are a type of ultra-thin porcelain, but they are placed directly over your natural teeth with no preparation. For this reason, Lumineers can look bulky or unnatural if not placed with skill and care.

You can keep your oral hygiene routine the same at home, as neither tooth brushes, tooth paste, nor mouth wash can harm porcelain. Keep up with your regular dental appointments to prevent gum disease. Also, be sure to let your oral hygienist know you have veneers, to avoid any harsh tools that can leave scratches.

Porcelain may be durable but it can be stained. Coffee and red wine are major culprits, as can be tobacco use. Try to use a straw when drinking coffee or red wine in order to minimize contact with your teeth.

Lumineers can also be ground down like your natural teeth, so make your dentist aware if you grind your teeth. A night guard will take the pressure off your veneers at night, and can prevent any fracturing.

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Is My Root Canal Linked to My Cancer?

Hi there,

I am in remission from a bout with cancer, and trying desperately to stay that way. I recently learned that getting root canals can be linked to cancer. A documentary I saw recommended extraction instead of saving the tooth via root canal treatment. I had a root canal about 10 years ago, and am now terrified it may cause my cancer to come back. Will  a dentist be willing to remove the tooth? Should I have opted for an extraction over a root canal back then? Honestly, I would feel better with it out at this point.

Zarya, from St. Petersburg, FL


Hi Zarya,

You probably could find a dentist to remove the tooth. However, the dentist would likely be doing it to calm your nerves, not because it is  a cancerous ticking time bomb. A general dentist can do the procedure, or you can look for a holistic dentist in your area. A holistic dentist takes your entire body’s health into consideration when recommending treatment.

The documentary you saw may have been focused more on fear-mongering than accuracy. As you probably learned,  teeth requiring root canals have bacteria present. A root canal removes the bacteria, and seals the tooth, so it cannot become filled with bacteria again. More recent studies show that patients who receive root canals are healthier, and even at a lower risk of cancers. The documentary you saw likely referenced an old, outdated study that has not been replicated, yet is still causing panic and worry.

Good oral health is linked to good heart health, so taking care of your teeth is necessary to a healthy body. Being concerned about your oral health is important to keeping your body healthy. However, you do not need to worry so much. Your past root canal did not cause your cancer, nor will it cause it to come back. Getting it extracted is up to you and your dentist.

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White spots after braces

My daughter had braces and now she has white spots on her teeth. Our dentist had recommended whitening her teeth, but my friend said that whitening won’t help because the teeth will be whiter but still be uneven in color. I know she isn’t a dentist, but is really quite bright and doesn’t usually say something she isn’t knowledgeable in. Is it possible my friend is right and my dentist is wrong?

Donna M.- Mississippi


I’m am really frustrated to say that your friend knows more than your dentist. When you have uneven tooth color, using teeth whitening just makes the difference in color more obvious.  The white spots on her teeth are decalcification that occured while wearing her braces. This happens when there are some oral hygiene issues.

There are a couple of ways to treat this. There is something called Tooth Mousse that was specifically designed for this issue. Another possible treatment is tooth bonding. The softened and decalcified enamel will be removed and then replaced with composite materials that will be bonded onto her teeth. It goes without saying that I would go to a different dentist to do this procedure.

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The Top 10 of Treating Children

Did you know that February is Children’s Dental Health Month? At Peck Family Dentistry we LOVE treating children. They have a vibrancy, innocence, and excitement that adults just can’t pull off. Here are just some of the reasons we love treating them.

10. It is so much fun seeing their “dress ups” they wear into the office. Not many of our adult patients have the self confidence to dress like Snow White or wear their cowboy hat. We have also yet to meet an adult that will jump up and down just to show us how their new athletic shoes light up.

9. They listen attentively to everything we tell them. Their faces get grossed out when we talk about bacteria “bugs” on their teeth. They get an equal look of determination when we discuss destroying those same bugs.

8. They ask what each implement in our office does and give them funny names.

7.  No one looks as good in our protective eye gear than a child.

6. Their smiles light up the room.

5.  We’ve yet to have an adult giggle when we polish their teeth. Almost every child does though.

4.  They get excited about getting a new toothbrush.

3.  They tell us about their favorite games and toys.

2. They take great pride in drawing us pictures.

1.  They tell us funny stories (sometimes about their parents).

Thanks for letting us take care of your children. Don’t forget to set up their next cleaning. We want to keep those brilliant smiles healthy.