The Problem with Affordable Dentistry

I have a problem with my affordable dentistry. Each of the dentists on my insurance seem to have a conveyor belt type of clinic. I’m looking for an affordable dentist, but I’d prefer one with who I can develop a good relationship. I need communication about my dental health and treatments, but all the affordable dentists I’ve run into seem to want to just get me in and out.  Is there a way to have quality affordable care?

Milton S. – New Mexico


What disappointing experiences you’ve had. I’m sorry that has been happening to you. It’s true that some “affordable dentists” try to make up for their lower prices by volume of patients, but not all affordable dentists are like that. I promise.

Some affordable dentists want a good relationship with their patients.

My suggestion to finding one, would be not to just to do an internet search for affordable dentist, thought that will certainly be your first step. But, don’t stop there.

You’re next step is to look up the reviews that people who have visited this dentist has given. When you find someone who’s affordable and has a good reviews, you’re probably at the right spot.

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Is It Safe to Get a Root Canal When You’re Pregnant?

I’m pregnant and my dentist just told me I need a root canal. I have had a toothache, but ignored it. I went in for a check up, but wouldn’t let him do x-rays. He says he can tell I need a root canal, by how bad the tooth is. Is that safe when pregnant?

Clara M. – Missouri


I know when you’re pregnant, most medical procedures seem like a big, bad wolf just waiting to hurt your baby, but in this case NOT doing the procedure is what could unleash the wolf. An infection is a dental emergency, and left untreated is dangerous for both you and your baby.

The root canal procedure is safe. There are local anesthetics and antibiotics that are safe during pregnancy. Plus, your dentist knows your concerns and will take extra precautions.

Ideally, the second trimester is the easiest to do this type of procedure, but that has more to do with what is more comfortable for you than safety issues.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Kevin Peck.

My pediatric dentist refuses to make a dental flipper

I need some advice. My pediatric dentist absolutely refuses to make a dental flipper for my son.  He’s three years old and lost a front baby tooth in an accident. I keep hearing how important it is to replace missing teeth in children because of shifting, but my dentist absolutely refuses. She says toddlers can’t do the procedure. I think she just can’t be bothered working with him because he’s so young. But, why did she go into pediatric dentistry then?

Brooklyn L. – Minn.


I wish your dentist had a better chairside manner and took the time to explain things for you. It is only a child’s molars that require some form of replacement. Otherwise it could cause shifting as you mentioned. That is because molars aren’t replaced until around twelve years old. Permanent front teeth come in much sooner.

However, even with molars a pediatric dentist wouldn’t make a flipper for the missing tooth. Instead, they’d place a space maintainer. That just holds the space so things come in properly when it’s time.

Despite her poor manners toward you, she’s right that a toddler wouldn’t easily tolerate the procedure for a flipper. Plus, because they’re so easily removable, they’re a choking hazard.

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