Need a dentist I can afford

I’ve never gone to a dentist. I’ve never really had problems with my teeth either, but now that I’m an adult i’d like to go.  I just finished college. I have a job, but it doesn’t provide dental and I’ve go loads of student loans.  I don’t know where to start in finding a dentist. I don’t even know how much it is supposed to be.

Daniel – Ft. Smith, AR


Congratulations for graduating college AND getting a job.  Those are two things that rarely happen together these days.  It’s scary getting started on adult life, but it is great that you are taking your oral health seriously. Don’t worry, there are affordable dentists.

To find out the norm for pricing in your area, I would call about 5 or 6 dentists at random and ask their prices for cleanings, filling, and crowns. That sampling should give you a reasonable range of what to expect.

After that, see what kind of reviews the ones that are closest to you get. Check to see if the ones you’re interested in have payment options that work with your budget. Their website should give you some indication of how they handle payments.

When you’ve done your legwork, you’re ready to schedule an appointment with your first choice and see how you like him or her.

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My dentist is ruining my date

I have a dental crown that has fallen off twice.  My dentist has always squeezed me in the same day.  Today it fell out again, but toward the end of the day on a Friday.  My dentist said he can’t see me until Monday. The crown is on a front tooth and I have a date with a guy I’ve been trying to go out with forever. I will be humiliated to go on a date with a stub front tooth. I explained that to him, but he said it’s not an emergency and he has plans.  Is there a way I can glue this on?

Samantha H. – Ohio


I have to say that I’m not impressed with your dentist.  He should absolutely see you today, but expecially because he can’t seem to bond your crown on properly.  It wouldn’t take him that long to do it poorly yet again. Though it technically isn’t a dental emergency, it wouldn’t kill him to have some compassion.

However, him not helping you is a blessing in disguise. He obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing. This is the perfect time for you get a new dentist. Don’t try to glue this on yourself. It would be very difficult for you to get it in at just the right angle. You could end up in pain or shifting your other teeth.

Call around to some dentists near by you, explaining your situation.  I’m wiling to bet there will be more than one willing to help you.

This blog is brought to you by Phoenix Dentists Drs. Kevin and Hillary Peck.

Dentist accused of sexually assaulting teen

Our dentist has been accused of sexually assaulting a teen. I actually found out when I was going in for an appointment and there were police and a crime scene unit parked there.  I found out what happened and tore out of there. Now I’ve found out that he’s back practicing the day after being arrested.  Is that legal?  I don’t feel safe taking my daughter there.  Is there a way  to protect our children at the dentists?

Concerned mom from Little Rock, AR

Dear concerned mom,

I did a quick internet search and found the story you are talking about.  I can understand you not wanting to take a chance exposing your daughter to a potentially dangerous situation.  Though do bear in mind that everyone is presumed innocent until proved guilty.  I’m not saying that to try to guilt you into bringing your daughter. It’s your job to protect your daughter as best you can.

Before you panic, bear in mind that, by far, the majority ( I would venture to guess 99.9%) of pediatric dentists are perfectly safe.  We want to protect our children without putting them in a bubble. They have to be able to function as adults.  What I would do  is get to know your pediatric dentist.  Some will even let parents back in the operatory. Then, as you get to know him or her, go with your gut.  A mother’s intuition is a marvelous thing.

This blog is brought to you by Phoenix Dentists Drs. Kevin and Hillary Peck.