Does a child really need a filling?

My four year old has a cavity. The dentist wants to fill it. Why, when he’s just going to lose it anyway?

Becky K. – Texax


Much of that will depend on the type of tooth. If the cavity is small and on a tooth that is already quite loose then, yes, let nature take it’s course. But, if it is a tooth that’s going to be there for a while, especially one like a molar, than your pediatric dentist is right and it does need to be filled.

The cavity will spread and then become an abscess. IT might seem scary to give your four year old a filling, but that will be much less traumatic and painful than waiting until infection is set in and then he needs a pulpotomy.

If it is a molar and he ends up losing it, make sure your dentist puts a space maintainer there so his teeth don’t shift.

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Can I have miracles done on my teeth?

I’m hoping for a miracle. I have to go to a reunion and my ex will be there. He’s always insulted me about my teeth. They’re chipped, misshappen and need to be whitened. Plus, there is a tiny gap between my front teeth.  IS there some miracle that will fix all of them? Fairly quickly…like within six months?

Meg E.  – Anderson, IN


Yes, I actually have a solution for you. Lumineers, a brand of porcelain veneers, can fix all the things you mentioned, in just two appointments.

A cosmetic procedure, they can change the shape, size, and color of your teeth. Your chips will be gone, the shape can be made natural and beautiful, the gap will be glosed, and they can be as white as you want them.

You’ll need to find a dentist who is skilled in placing them, but in the end you’ll have a smile you love….and your ex will be eating his heart out.

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Can’t afford to fix my teeth

I saved up to get my teeth cleaned and get some whitening done. I was disappointed when the dentist told me I needed some other work done before the whitening. I have two cavities. One of them so big I need a crown. I can’t afford this. Now, even if I find a way to pay for the work I don’t want, I can’t get my teeth whitened. I’m really disappointed. Can I get the teeth whitened, if my teeth aren’t bothering me?

Maddie K. – Florida


It must be terribly disappointing to you. Here you thought you were finally going to get a bright, new smile and instead you’re stuck spending your money on maintenance for your teeth.

Hopefully, you’re working with an affordable dentist who will work with you financially. There is a way to stage your treatment so you don’t have to pay for all of it at once. Your dentist could list the most important treatment first and work your way down. I suspect it would be the tooth that needs a crown.

Some dentists even give free teeth whitening to new patients. your dentist may be willing to cut you a deal on on the whitening at the end of your treatment, because of all hte money you’ve had to spend. I can’t speak for him or her, of course, but it won’t hurt you to ask.

This blog is brought to you by Phoenix Dentist Dr. Kevin Peck.