Change My Tooth Shape

Can you tell me what whether dental bonding can change the size of my teeth? I feel like my teeth are too small.

Becky W.- Benton, AR


It is possible for for dental bonding to change the size of your teeth. However, bonding is better for things like small gaps and chips. For a cosmetic procedure like you are wanting, you’d really want something that will last significantly longer than bonding.

I would suggest you get Lumineers. They are an ultra thin brand of porcelain veneers. These can not only change the size of your teeth, but the color and shape as well. In some cases you won’t even need any tooth preparation.

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Can’t afford implants

I don’t know what to do. I need to have six teeth replaced, but I can’t afford dental implants. My dentist says it is really the only option because they’re all next to each other and I’d lose too much bone. Do you have any advice?

Sam J.- Alaska


I don’t like it when dentists say something is your only option. While it is true that dental implants are the ideal treatment, they’re certainly not the only option.  First, I would look for an affordable dentist. Don’t confuse affordable with cheap.  Sometimes the cheapest option is the worst, becaust their skills and quality of materials aren’t very good. An affordable dentist will work with you in several of these ways:

1.  They will give you ALL your options. Not just the ideal one.

2. They will generally have payment plans including low and no -interest options.

3. They will let you do phased treatment. For instance, you can’t afford six dental implants, but what if you can afford one dental implant. Then your dentist could place temporary fake teeth on the other teeth until you could save up for more implants.

I hope this helps.

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Teeth extraction in babies

My 17 month old needs two front teeth extracted. Is this normal?

A concerned mom

I can understand your concern. It is not unknown for toddlers to have tooth decay. However, generally there are some common factors involved. One is a family history of decay and two is being allowed to feed throughout the night.

A seventeen month old is able to sleep through the night without bottle or breastfeeding. Though, if they are not used to that it will take some training. In the meantime, whenever you feed your baby at night, make sure you don’t let him or her sleep with a bottle or sleep while breastfeeding.

When that happens, the liquid stays on their teeth. Our saliva production is down at night, so there isn’t as much protection for their teeth.

Also, make sure as soon as that first tooth is erupted you need to begin formal dental hygiene, both at home and in a year or so with a dentist. When they’re young it is best to see a pediatric dentist who enjoys treating children so they’ll have a positive first experience.

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