How Do I Find a Lumineers Expert?

I am planning to get a smile makeover and have seen a lot of advertisements for Lumineers. The cost is pretty high. I’m assuming there is some kind of way to tell if there is expertise. I saw there are certified Lumineers dentists. I just wanted to make sure before I dropped thousands of dollars.


Dear Emily,

Image of a Lumineers advertisement

I am glad you wrote. You show a good sense of critical thinking, which is a rapidly depleting resource these days. Being Lumineers certified does not necessarily equate to being an expert. It means the dentist completed a seminar with the Lumineers company. It says nothing about their technical knowledge or expertise.

You should also be aware that Lumineers is just one brand of porcelain veneers. This particular brand is highly marketed to inexperienced cosmetic dentists as being easy to place. While they may be easy to place, that says nothing about them being easy to make both natural looking and beautiful.

Whatever dentist you go to, make certain that they are willing to place your porcelain veneers with a temporary try in paste first. If you’re not happy with them, they should send them back to the lab to make changes before permanently bonding them on.

If they are serious about cosmetic dentistry, they should also have a brag book of sorts with before and after images of patients who they have done work for.

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