Will an emergency dentist turn me in?

I have a dental emergency, but I got into this situation doing something not quite legal.  I think my dentist will need to know what happened in order to fix it. Will an emergency dentist turn me in?


Dear Anonymous,

I’m glad you’re willing to be honest with your dentist even though the situation is touchy.  Be assured that your dentist is a medical professional.  If he or she feels that you are not a danger to yourself or anyone else, they’ll not have any reason to turn you in.

If, however, they think you will do self-harm or are a risk to someone else’s life, then they’ll probably report the situation.

I hope this helps.  Don’t avoid going to the dentist, especially in a dental emergency  because of this.  If necessary, you could get a little creative describing the cause of the injury.  Just be sure to be competely frank about the injury itself so the dentist can treat you appropriately.

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Is Lumineers the Best Brand?

I am finally ready to do something about my teeth and am getting procelain veneers.  I’m trying to figure out which brand. Is Lumineers the best brand?

Denise L. – Albion, AR


I hope you will forgive me, but I think you are going about this completely the wrong way. Instead of picking the best veneer, you need to pick the best dentist.

Each different brand of porcelain veneer is different. They all have there own strengths and weaknesses.  These differences are known by a good cosmetic dentist.

Lumineers are a good brand. They work well with some patients, but others may need a different brand depending on their case and the type of smile design.

Your task would be to find a good cosmetic dentist and let them help you determine which brand would best fit you.

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Finding Affordable Dentistry

When you’re looking for an affordable dentist, you don’t want to sacrifice quality.  I don’t necessarily recommend going to the least expensive dentist. That could mean a compromise in the quality of materials.  For instance, if a dentist has significantly cheaper costs for dental implants, he can afford to have significantly lower prices. But, what if those costs savings came at the expense of quality implants? Then, you’re no longer saving money, but risking your health.

But, an affordable dentist isn’t an anomaly. There are other ways to keep costs down.  One is to place your practice in a more affordable area. Lower overhead means savings for patients without sacrificing quality.

For instance, Peck Family Dentistry is just about 4 miles outside of Scottsdale. this allows us to serve both the people of Scottsdale and Phoenix.  Our overhead is lower than if we were just four miles east and we pass those savings on to our patients.

This blog is brought to you by Phoenix Dentist Dr. Kevin Peck.