Implant Dentist or Emergency Dentist

My dental implant has been in for about 9 months. Everything was fine until a few weeks ago, when my jaw started hurting. I went to see my dentist who did my implants. He said everything is fine. The pain got worse and I went back. He still said everything was fine. I believed him, though was beginning to have my doubts. Today, I was eating and I realized there is puss in my mouth. the implant tooth feels loose. I’m not sure what to do. I can’t reach my dentist. Do I wait for him or see an emergency dentist? Help me, please.

  • Misty – Nevada

Dear Misty,


I’m sorry for this experience you’re having. Your dentist should have been more in tune with your concerns. It sounds like you’ve got a pretty massive infection and it needs to be dealt with. I’m surprised you can’t reach your dentist at all. Usually, there is a protocol in place for emergency situations.

Because your dentist doesn’t seem to have a procedure for situations then you need to see an emergency dentist. There is likely only two things he can do. First, he’ll give you some antibiotics to stave off the infection until your implant dentist can get in there and deal with the issue. Secondly, he may need to splint the implant tooth. Hopefully, this can be resolved in a way that allows you to save the implant.

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Questions from a child

Hi my name is Neil and I’m going to the dentist for the first time. I had some questions and my mom said the best thing to do would be to ask a dentist. So, she’s typing my questions to you.

  1. Will it hurt?
  2. What happens if my teeth ever get twisted?
  3. What happens if my teeth look like a cows? (My mom doesn’t want to ask this one, but I made her promise).

Thanks, Neil

Hi Neil,

Great questions! (Even the one about the cow).

  1. Usually children’s dentist appointments don’t hurt, especially first ones. The dentist just checks out that your teeth are growing in healthy. A special helper called a hygienist will give your teeth a gentle cleaning and take off any bacteria. Most children like going to the dentist.  (Some even give treats at the end of the appointment)
  2. If your teeth come in twisted, your dentist will suggest that when you’re old enough you get braces. Those gently fix your teeth into their proper position.
  3. Hmmm….that’s a new question for me.  I think if you had cow’s teeth (and didn’t like them), when you were old enough you could get them to look different with porcelain veneers.

I hope you really enjoy your first dental appointment. I bet it will be awesome!!!

This blog is brought to you by Drs. Kevin and Hillary Peck.

Can I get Lumineers if I have two crowns?

I was thinking of getting lumineers. Is that possible to do if I have two dental crowns?

Monica C. – Alabama


Yes and No.  You can get Lumineers on the teeth that don’t have crowns, but not on the teeth that do.  That won’t negatively impact your smile makeover if you have the crowns re-done at the same time.

When you have the dental crowns re-done, make sure your dentist gives you all-porcelain crowns. These are much more natural looking.

You’ll want to go to a dentist who has experience with Lumineers and has created beautiful smiles.  It is perfectly within your rights to ask to see photos of smiles he or she has done.

This blog is brought to you by Drs. Kevin and Hillary Peck.