Can Lumineers Give Me a Smile Like Miley Cyrus?

I love Miley Cyrus’ smile. She’s my fav singer.  I’ve seen a Lumineers commercial that had a smile which looked a lot like Miley’s. Did she get that by Lumineers or is it natural? If I got Lumineers, could my smile look like hers?

Zoe D.

Dear Zoe,

I’m going to post two pictures of Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus before smile makeover
Miley Cyrus 2006
Miley Cyrus after smile makeover
Miley Cyrus 2007

It’s obvious by the change in her smile from 2006 to 2007 that she’s had some type of porcelain veneers done, along with some possible gum contouring. Whether that was done with Lumineers or not is hard to know without her or her dentist giving out personal information. Lumineers are simply one brand of porcelain veneers. There are several brands, each having different pros and cons and will contribute different things to a smile design.

As to whether or not you can get a smile designed to look exactly like Miley Cyrus’, the answer is yes. Porcelain veneers can change the shape, size, and color of your teeth to create any look you want. Bear in mind that everyone’s facial shape and skin tone are different. That means while you may have the exact same smile design, no smile (no matter how identical) looks the same on every person.

Talk to your dentist about your desires. If he says he can’t do it, don’t pressure him. You won’t like the results. Instead, simply ask him to recommend a cosmetic dentist whom he thinks can. It doesn’t mean you’re switching dentists. It just means you’ll go to this new one for advanced cosmetic work and your regular dentist for everything else.

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Is There Such a Thing as an Affordable Smile Makeover?

I don’t make a lot of money. In fact, I’m pretty close to the poverty line, thankfully on the plus side of it though. I’ve wanted to improve the appearance of my smile for years. Everything I read says smile makeovers need porcelain veneers, which are way out of my budget. Is there such a thing as an affordable smile makeover?

Mary Anne L.

Dear Mary Anne,

Scottsdale Affordable Dentist

It’s admirable that you’re working toward improving your smile despite financial challenges. Your smile is an investment. A beautiful smile exudes confidence, which in turn helps you to be more successful in dealing with peers.

If you were getting a top of the line smile makeover, then yes, porcelain veneers are the way to go.  There are affordable dentists who might be willing to let you pay out your smile makeover, but each dentist has their own policy in regards to what they’ll accept payments on. If they don’t take payments on cosmetic procedures, Care Credit is always an option.

Also, there are other cosmetic procedures that don’t include porcelain veneers which can make a huge difference in your smile. One of the most affordable things you can do is get your teeth whitened. It’s cost effective while taking years off your appearance. It’s also simple to do and can fit into almost anyone’s schedule.

Of course, a lot of what would help depends on what you perceive is wrong with your teeth. If you have chips or gaps, dental bonding is an affordable way to close those.

I hope this helps you. Talk to your dentist about specific issues. He or she may have some remarkably creative solutions.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Kevin Peck.