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Advice About Dental Allergies

I’ve been having problems in my mouth as well as with some skin conditions. I went to an allergist and it turns out I have multiple allergies to dental materials, including the elements in my dental fillings. Here is the thing. I need to get different fillings, but I also need to replace a tooth. Is there a safe way to do this given what we now know about my allergies?


Dear Layla,

Safe Amalgam Removal

Let’s start with the fillings you need to remove and replace. In order to do this safely, especially with your allergies, you will need a dentist who knows and has the equipment for a sanitary amalgam removal. This will be important so you do not inhale or swallow any mercury or mercury vapors, not to mention any other materials you may be allergic to that are in those amalgam fillings. I would also wear clothing over as much of your skin as possible.

There are two types of dentists that will be the most willing to work with you and understand how to do amalgam removal properly. The first is a mercury-free dentist. The second is a biological or holistic dentist. I would do an internet search for those.

Dental Implants and Dental Allergies

Dental implants are a little easier. While there are metal free implants available made of zirconia, the traditional dental implants made from titanium are very bio-compatible. It is rare for someone to have a titanium allergy.

The benefit to the traditional implants is their proven longevity and the amount of long-term data we have on them. Titanium has been used for decades in prosthetics, not just in implants, but in hips and other joints. The only downside to the zirconia is we don’t have that data as they are fairly new.

I hope this helps.

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Want to Change My Fillings But My Dentist Said No

I have four amalgam fillings. I just recently learned that they are made of mostly mercury. Apparently, I am the last person on earth to learn that. It really worries me and I wanted to switch out my fillings with the mercury for the white ones, which I am told do not have mercury. I talked to my dentist about it and he said I am worrying over nothing and the American Dental Association says they are safe. Because of that, he considers it an unnecessary procedure and won’t do it. Can he do that? Am I worrying over nothing?


Dear Lindsey,

Before and After Composite Fillings

I am certain you are not the last person on earth to learn about the high mercury content in their fillings, so don’t feel dumb about that. It is not really something that is advertised. As to whether your dentist can say “no”, he can. No one is forced to do a procedure they do not want to do. You can still have the procedure done, but I would not press him to do it for two reasons.

First, the removal process has to be done with a special procedure in order to protect you from inhaling or swallowing any mercury or mercury vapors. He would need to know this procedure as well as have the special tools necessary to keep you safe. The only reason for him to have these is if he does this type of procedure often. I highly doubt he will have the tools or even know how to do a sanitary amalgam removal.

A second issue is the process for placing those old amalgam fillings and the newer composite filling is completely different. He may not even know how to place the newer white fillings.

Should You Replace Your Amalgam Fillings?

What the American Dental Society has to say about the safety of amalgam fillings has nothing to do about your peace of mind. Many patients are obviously concerned with the idea of having mercury, a known toxin, in their mouths. That anxiety alone can cause you health problems.

Another thing to consider is that the fillings can eventually break down and even leak. That would be a health issue. You would want to replace the fillings before something like this happens.

If you want to replace them, you will need to find a dentist who understands how to do a sanitary amalgam removal. To find that, I would do an internet search for a mercury-free dentist. They only place white, composite fillings which means they will know the correct procedures to remove the amalgam fillings and properly place the composites.

This blog is brought to you by Phoenix Dentist Dr. Hillary Peck.
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