Dentists for autistic children

My son is autistic and really struggles with new situations. Are there dentists who specialize in autistic children?

Emily R. – Maine


With the increase in autism, some dentists are educating themselves on how to help children in this situation.  There are pediatric dentists who are comfortable and experienced treating autistic children.

Here are some ideas to help his appointment go smoother. Arrange for him to come in and meet the dentist and staff.  With his sensory issues, that I assume are a part of his difficulties,  you’ll want to help him with sitting in the chair and getting comfortable with the equipment before they have to be used on him.

You may also consider sedation dentistry, which will relax him and make it easier for the dentist. Depending on what type of sedation you use, he may not  even remember the appointment.

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$700 aspirin- fed up

I was in a ton of pain and my dentist wouldn’t see me after hours. I went to the emergency room. They didn’t do anything with the tooth, gave me some aspirin, and charged me $700. I’m still in tremendous pain. What do I do?

Drew- Baltimore


I’m sorry for your experience. There are few things worse than tooth pain. Generally, hospitals won’t treat dental problems.  Though, they could have at least given you something a little stronger than an aspirin…and you’re right, the cost was ridiculous.

Your dentist should have had some emergency protocol. Surely he could have recommended a colleague that he refers after hours cases to–at the least.

You’re going to need to see an emergency dentist. If your dentist isn’t willing to recommend one, you can do a google search to find one.

I’ll be honest. If your dentist isn’t willing to help in any fashion while you’re in so much pain, you’d be better served with a different denist.

This blog is brought to you by Phoenix Dentist Dr. Kevin Peck.

Lumineers for halloween

I want to go as a vampire for halloween and I want it to be REALLY realistic. Can I get lumineers that look like vampire teeth?

Steve C. – Portland


Yes, you can get lumineers to look like vampire teeth. However, you’ll spend a lot of money to do so and it’s permanent.  Some dentists are willing to do this, but some aren’t. Now, if you want to spend the next 20 years or so looking like a vampire, then this is a great solution for you. If not, I’d look for a different solution.

You could get dental bonding, which is less expensive. You’ll have to pay twice. Once to get them and once to get them removed.  Many dentists will make you sign something that promises you will come back to have them removed.  Mosts dentists aren’t comfortable creating permanent “vampires”.

This blog is brought to you by Phoenix Dentist Dr. Kevin Peck.