Help! I Swallowed My Lumineers

I have had nothing but problems with my Lumineers makeover. Even the day I came home with my new smile, three of the six of them fell off.  I went straight back to the dentist and he put them back on.  They lasted a few weeks and came off again. He re-bonded them a second time.  They lasted a short time longer and then two more came off, but this time I accidentally swallowed them because I was in the middle of eating a birthday cake. I talked to my dentist, but he said he can’t bond them on if I don’t have them and wants me to pay for two more Lumineers. Is this right? Should they keep falling off like this?

Janice M.

Dear Janice,

Absolutely not! Your Lumineers should stay bonded onto your teeth. Even the word “bonding” indicates they should stay on.  Most dentists never have a veneer of any brand fall off, let alone constantly falling off every few weeks.

Your best bet, at this point, is to ask for a refund. He’s not given you the minimum of care, which is the procedure actually stays on.

If he gives you a problem with this, you can always tell him you’re going to get a second opinion of his work from another cosmetic dentist. Most dentists want to look good in front of their peers. He’ll likely be more willing to give you a refund if not doing so would be embarrassing to him.

One of the problems with Lumineers is they’re heavily marketed to inexperienced cosmetic dentists. As your dentist doesn’t even seem to know the basics of bonding, I’d say he falls into that category.

Don’t be surprised if whatever cosmetic dentist you end up after this one recommends a different brand. That’s okay. Lumineers is just one brand.  Find a dentist who has done beautiful work and trust them to know the best brand for your smile.

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Is it Possible to Save Time AND Money at the Dentist?

ThereI have a large family. It’s nearly impossible for me to pay for everyone to get their dental work done twice a year and afford it without spreading it out throughout the year. What that boils down to is we’re at the dentist EVERY month; more if someone needs a filling or crown. What I’m looking for is a dentist who will let us all come on the same day, but pay it out throughout the six months. Is that possible?

Sandy B.

Dear Sandy,

Yes, that’s possible but it depends on the dentist. Your best bet is to look for someone who calls himself an affordable dentist. They’re generally more willing to work with patients, especially those in your situation.

The other thing to look for if you want your family to all get treatment is to find a dentist who treats both adults and children. There are many general dentists who are happy to treat children.

However, don’t just jump at the first dentist you see who meets these two criteria. Check their reviews. You want to make sure they’re skilled and thoughtful with patients. You don’t want a dentist who is going to cause your children to dread the dentist.

In fact, if you find a great dentist who works with whole families, does great work, and is good with patients, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to afford to go. There’s a medical “credit card” of sorts called Care Credit. The best thing about this is you can set your terms. Depending on your credit, you can even get zero interest payment plans and there’s no penalty for paying it off early.

I hope this helps you get the dental care you need without feeling like you have to live at the dentist’s office.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Kevin Peck.

Why Doesn’t My Dentist Consider My Broken Crown an Emergency?

I was flossing my teeth and my temporary crown broke. My dentist has an emergency line. I called him and told him what happened. I wanted to come in right then,, but he said to come in the morning and he’d try to work me in. Why doesn’t he consider it an emergency?

Katie S.

Dear Katie,

If you had some other symptoms, such as pain, swelling, or a fever then it would be a true dental emergency. I wouldn’t be too upset at your dentist. He is having you come in first thing in the morning. They’ll make you a priority. They do understand how important it is and will place a new temporary.

It’s not uncommon for a temporary crown to break. They aren’t as strong as their permanent replacements. Now, if your dentist would have said see you in a week, then I would have said he’s being neglectful. Seeing you first thing in the morning sounds like he cares.

I know you’re worried. It’s scary being the patient and having something not go according to plan. But, just sleeping overnight won’t damage the natural tooth which is there. Your dentist wouldn’t put you at risk.

Just don’t take any unnecessary risks like eating on the damaged tooth.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Kevin Peck.