Can I switch to Lumineers instead of crowns?

I was planning on getting dental crowns, but recently read about Lumineers.Can I get them instead of crowns, or am I stuck with crowns once I start that procedure?

Lillian- San Diego


It depends on whether or not your dentist has already done the tooth preparation for your dental crowns. Once a tooth has been prepared for crowns, that is the only thing that will work on your teeth. However, if he hasn’t already shaved your teeth down, then you can switch to the Lumineers procedure.

There are two possible hold-ups. The first is whether or not your dentist is familiar with the procedure. If not, you’ll need to find a Lumineers certified dentist. The second is whether those teeth have large fillings on them. If so, you’d need to do crowns instead of Lumineers. You can do a mixed procedure too: some crowns, some Lumineers.

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The Problem with Cheap Dentistry

When you are on a limited budget, the temptation is to look for the cheapest dental care possible. While that sounds like a great idea, there are dangers. Let me give an illustration. Suppose you went to Walmart to buy a toy castle for your child. They have three different sets. The least expensive is $5.00, but is obviously cheaply made.  The second set is $25.00, but is well constructed. The third set is $70.00. It is also well constructed and has lots of bells and whistles.

While $5.00 sounds like a great deal, if you’re an experienced parent you know that the cheaply constructed castle is unlikely to survive a day before something on it breaks.  The smart thing would be to get the $25.00 set.  Yes, it costs a little more, but it is soundly made and will last much longer.

The same is true of dentistry. Many times when you have a dentist who has the cheapest prices, it is because he also has the cheapest material.  What you really need is an affordable dentist.

These dentists strive to keep prices reasonable without compromising the quality of materials and care they give.  They often have other ways of helping their patients financially with phased treatments and no-interest payment plans.

You are much better served with a quality dentist than a cheap dentist. It won’t matter if  you’ve saved $200 on your crown, if it breaks and causes not only you to spend money on a second crown, but gives you an infection that takes extensive treatments.

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Is teeth grinding normal in children?

Is it normal for a three year old to grind their teeth?

May L- Jackson, MS


You don’t need to worry. It is completely normal for young children to grind there teeth. Nearly 40% of children grind their teeth in their early years. They generally grow out of it by the time their permanent teeth are in.

Don’t panic if he or she starts losing tooth structure. Those teeth are going to fall out  anyway. If he or she is in any pain, you can bring your child in to the pediatric dentist.

Most teeth grinding is done at night.  Try to make sure your child gets as much soothing as possible before bed as possible to see if that helps eliminate the grinding, but don’t stress.

This blog is brought to you by Phoenix Dentist Dr. Kevin Peck.