Denture is too hard

Is there a way to get a softer denture? Mine is too hard and is hurting the roof of my mouth.

Eileen S.- Babylon, NY


There isn’t really a soft denture. You can get a soft lining for your dentures. They are more comfortable than other types of dentures. The downside is they are more expensive and do not hold up as well.

You are not the only patient who finds dentures hard to deal with. The best solution is to switch to dental implants. They function and feel just like your natural teeth. You’ll be more comfortable, you’ll be able to eat the foods you love again.

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Gray Tooth

My dentist says I have a gray tooth and she wants to see me again. Do you know why?

Bennie- Los Angeles


A gray tooth can mean your tooth is dying. Usually teeth die because of decay or trauma, though it is possible to die for other reasons or even no reason.

You didn’t mention  if  your tooth hurt. If you don’t feel any pain it is possible the nerve for the tooth has already died. If that is the case, bacteria will feed on the dead tissue. Eventually that will lead to an infection.

Depending on the situatioin, your dentist can treat this with a white filling or a root canal treatment.

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Does marijuana cause tooth decay?

I just found out my son is taking marijuana. I know it is a horrible thing for his brain and that he can get addicted to other drugs becuase of it. I’m trying to deal with all that. But, I was wondering if it affects his teeth as well? I’m trying to get everything taken care of at once.

B.C.- Wisconsin


Your head must be spinning right now. I can’t imagine the worry you are going through. You didn’t mention how old he is. You’ll have a little more control if he is a minor. There are several things to factor in to his oral health knowing that he is smoking marijuana.

All smoking, no matter what kind, contributes to tooth decay for several reasons. First, it hinders saliva production. Many people do not know that saliva production is an important factor in preventing tooth decay. There are minerals in our saliva that fight bacteria in our mouths. Smoking also decreases the oxygen in our bloodstream, which will lead to gum disease.

Additionally, marijuana contributes some additional problems. Not only does marijuana lower our immune system, but the THC in marijuana interferes with the way calcium moves about it our bodies. Calcium is a key ingredient in healthy tooth structure.

Because of the staining on the teeth, you may also be interested in looking into teeth whitening.

This blog is brought to you by Phoenix Denitst Dr. Kevin Peck.