Ugly Teeth With Lumineers

We had Lumineers placed on my daughter’s teeth to improve her smile. We were told by our dentist that this would be the least invasive. We were also told that we would get to see and approve the results before anything permanent was done. However, that did not turn out to be the case. When they came in, I could tell right away they were going to look too big for her mouth. They did use a temporary try-in paste. We were told she’d get to walk around with them and decide what she thinks, but that didn’t happen. When I expressed concern about them looking too bulky and box-like, they told me that they would look normal once they were bonded in. That did not turn out to be the case. I said that and they told me to give it a week and we’d probably love it. When she went to school, the kids teased her mercilessly. Most called her horse teeth. The “nice” kids told her they looked okay but not natural. Now she’s in tears and doesn’t want to go back. This is the beginning of our school year and I don’t want her falling behind. Now they are saying they can shave them down, but I’ve lost confidence in them, what do I do?


woman covering her mouth with her hand.

Dear Lisa,

I am very sorry for what your daughter was put through with this. Classmates can be quite cruel. It sounds like you went to a general dentist who doesn’t have much experience with porcelain veneers and bought into the marketing the Lumineers are easy to place because the teeth do not need any preparation.

The problem with that is very few smiles will look natural without some preparation no matter how thin the brand of porcelain veneers is. This is why your daughter ended up with what her schoolmates called “Horse Teeth”.

I do think you are entitled to a refund and can then have this done by a more experienced cosmetic dentist. I would insist on seeing before and after images of work they have done themselves before agreeing to let them work on your daughter’s case.

Don’t let this dentist do any more work on her Lumineers. Instead, tell them that you would like a refund and would like to work this out without going through a lawyer, but you are willing to do so if the need arises. They misrepresented several things and tricked you into bonding them on without liking them.

I hope you can resolve this quickly for your daughter’s sake.

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