Is there affordable teeth whitening?

I want to whiten my teeth because I need another job and my smile makes me look old. It’s kind of pricey. There are over the counter whitestrips that are A LOT cheaper. Do they really work?

Yvette M. – Alabama


Over the counter whitestrips will work, but not the same way that professional teeth whitening will. First, the whitening gel is considerable weaker than what you’ll get at a dentist’s office.

While they may seem more affordable, they will actually end up costing you more money. You’ll have to do many, many boxes in order to get the same results.

Your best bet is to find a dentist who will let you pay out your teeth whitening.

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Bully knocked out my son’s tooth

A bully at school knocked out my son’s tooth. The school didn’t tell me until after school. My son said it happened at lunch. Is it too late to save his tooth? I can’t reach my dentist.

Brenda D. – California


Generally, a tooth has to be reimplanted within 30 minutes to have the best chance of saving the tooth. You can call an emergency dentist if you still can’t reach your dentist and explain what happened. They’ll see what they can do, but I wouldn’t hold out too much hope.

You didn’t mention how old your son was. Even if they cannot save your son’s tooth, you’ll have several options in tooth replacement, but it will depend on your son’s age and some other factors.

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Dated my pediatric dentist, plus bad breath

I went out with my son’s pediatric dentist. It was nice while it lasted, especially the free dental care. But, now we’ve broken up and I’m uncomfortable going back. However, my son as the most horrid bad breath. I’m afraid there is something…dental going on. Do I have to go to a pedatric dentist? Will a general dentist do?

Jeanette Marie K. – New Jersey

Jeanette Marie,

First let’s address  the bad breath. It could be a matter of oral hygiene issues, but it could also be an infection like strep throat or also diabetes.  I think your first  order of business would be to take him to a doctor and eleminate some medical reasons for the breath.

Next, lets address your choice in dentists. To answer your question, no, your son doesn’t have to go to a pediatric dentist. For routine issue, any general dentist will do, as long as they enjoy treating children.

If there are any serious issues that arise, you can always go to a different pediatric if necessary…. or you could temporarily get back together with your fella until this issue resolves itself.

Just like there are more fish in the sea when it comes to men,  there are probably other pediatric dentists in your area.

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