Just found out my insurance covered something I was charged for

I recently had a dental procedure done that I paid full price for.  Than…afterward, I found out my insurance would have covered that.  Shouldn’t my dentist’s office have taken care of that?  It’s hard enough affording the dentist without having to pay extra.

Melissa A. – Boston


Some dental offices do the filing for you and others expect you to do it yourself.  I would discuss it with your dentist’s business office.  If they want you to do the filing, it will be a little harder to get all the bang for your buck.  They know the insurance policy better than you do.

I would look for a clinic that will work with you to get the most out of your dental insurance.  Otherwise it is a waste of money and your funds.

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I called my dentist in pain and he told me to schedule an appointment

I called my dentist in massive pain.  I mean massive.  I’m still in pain, but a friend gave me some of their left over oxycodones.  That’s helping numb me out some, but it is not taking care of the complete frustration I feel at my dentist completely ignoring me.  He told me I’d have to schedule an appointment just like everyone else. The soonest they can see me?  Two weeks!  He said he’d call me in an antibiotic until then.  Gee, thanks.  I can just live in complete torture. Is this standard practice?

B.L. – New Jersey


Wow! I’m sorry for your experience. You really need a dentist that cares.  Dr. Peck lives close to his practice, just so he can help patients quickly in situations like yours.

You’ll want to get this problem looked at right away. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, I just wanted to reiterate that you’re right in your feeling of urgency.  This will only spread. People actually still die from tooth infections.

I want you to google emergency dentist. See who’s in your area that will see non-established patients quickly. Some will even see them the same day.

Your dentist giving you an antibiotic without actually dealing with the problem is actually pretty dangerous. It could even make your infection resistent.  If I were in your place, once I dealt with the infection, I’d start looking for a new dentist.

This blog is brought to you by Phoenix Dentist Drs. Kevin and Hillary Peck.