Dentist threatened to restrain my child

I took my daughter in for her first dental appointment. She’d been to see my appointments and was very excited about going for her own appointment. She was thrilled when  she saw they have baby dolls in the waiting room.  She was playing with them when they called her name to go back. She didn’t want to give up the baby doll and threw a little bit of a fit, but did eventually give up the doll.  However, when we went back to the room they told me that because of her temperment they would have to either sedate or restrain her. They didn’t even try to work with her and she had calmed down by then. We left immediately. I’m wondering if this is common practice with pediatric dentists?

Hannah I. – Portland, OR


It is a fairly common practice for pediatric dentists to have restraints, however, they are generally used as a last resort and for treatments other than just general check up appointments.

Your hygienist and/or dentist should have at least attempted to see how your daughter would do on her appointment. They should also have done some fun things to give her a chance to adjust.

I’m glad you left. You always want your child’s first appointment to be a pleasant one and what they had planned would have been traumatic.  My suggestion is for you to find a different pediatric dentist.  There are also family dentists who treat children than can serve as a pediatric dentist as well.

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Boyfriend got vampire teeth…I hate it!

My boyfriend did something super sweet and unbelievable stupid. He knows I am a twilight fan. For our anniversary he got vampire teeth put in. He said they’re lumineers. Is there any way to get rid of them? I like twilight, but I wasn’t really interested in dating a vampire. I just thought Robert Pattinson was hot.  Now, if he could get Pattinson’s hair…that’d be awesome.

Denae- Maine


I don’t believe I have ever laughed so much from a blog question in my life. I hope you don’t mind, but I showed my wife…and my neighbor.

Here is what I suggest for your fella. He’ll need to have his Lumineers re-done. Now, I don’t know how wealthy your boyfriend is, but he did something pricey for your anniversary. It won’t be cheap to change them either. I recommend his dentist only change the “pointy” teeth, That will at least limit his expense on the fix.

Sorry I can’t help in regard to Mr. Pattinson’s hair.

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I want a free dentist

Is there free dentists for poor people? I can’t afford to go and I have a tooth ache.

Devon O. – Baltimore


Each city generally has free dental service clinics, but they’re not permanent, instead they are once a year or so.  However, if you are having tooth pain now, it needs to be dealt with. That pain probably indicates a tooth infection. When left untreated, they can become quite serious.

Plus, it is more affordable to deal with things early. If not, you could end up having to replace a tooth, which can cost a great deal.  I understand you’re in a difficult financial situation. In that case, I would do an internet search for an affordable dentist in your area.

When you talk to them, be up front about your financial circumstances. They’ll likely work with you.

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