Gap Between Crown and Bridge

I have a gap between my two front teeth. One of the problems I am facing about that is that one of them is a dental crown and the other is a part of a dental bridge. Is there a way to close this gap with Lumineers or should I have them replaced?


Dear Candace,

How do you fix a gap between your teeth?

I’m going to say right off the bat that your dentist should NOT have placed these where they left a gap. He obviously does not care about appearance related dentistry. However, what is done is done and you can only move forward from here.

Typically, a dentist will fix a tooth gap by using dental bonding, but that will not work well with your dental work. There is a method that can do it but stains usually develop within a relatively short period of time.

As for Lumineers over crowns, the Lumineers company actually ran a campaign promoting that some years back that ended up flopping for reasons I’ll explain in a moment. However, even if it were a good option, I would definitely suggest you see another dentist to have it done. Your dentist does not appear to care about the aesthetics of his work, just the function. That is not a quality you want in a dentist for any type of cosmetic work. You’d want a skilled, artistic cosmetic dentist.

Bonding porcelain on porcelain, which is what would happen in the case of using Lumineers, is never as stable as bonding porcelain to natural tooth structure. Because of that you risk two sets of bonding failure. One from the original dental work and another from the Lumineers placed on top of the dental work.

When you consider it is an equal amount of work for the dentist to just remove the old dental work than it is to place new over old, you can see why the campaign failed.

That is actually what I will recommend for you. Have your dentist, or better yet a more skilled dentist, redo your dental crown and dental bridge so that there is no gap. Make sure they only use a porcelain crown on your front tooth.

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My Mother’s Tooth Fell Out

My mom is 85 and recently moved in with my husband and myself. We were eating dinner the other night and a tooth from the bottom part of her jaw just fell out. She’s very embarrassed about it. At eighty five she doesn’t have a ton of money and neither do we. What is an affordable way that we can get help for her? We’ll want to replace that tooth for certain.


Dear Lindsey,

An elderly woman smiling.

If your mother’s tooth just fell out, that means she is dealing with very advanced gum disease. This is serious and she is likely to lose more teeth.

In most cases, you would need to build up the bone in her lower jawbone and get dental implants for implant overdentures to prevent facial collapse. However, you asked for something affordable and that definitely is not. Plus, at her age, there is not much point of dealing with the facial collapse.

My suggestion is you save as many of her teeth as possible by getting her gum disease treated. She will likely need at least partial dentures if not complete dentures depending on how many teeth she loses. It will still be important to treat the gum disease either way, that includes if she gets complete dentures. Gum disease will have a negative impact on her overall health as well.

I am glad that she has you to take care of her. It is obvious you care about her and will do your best to get her the care she needs. If she’s been under the care of a dentist this whole time, I suggest you get her a new dentist. The one she has did not adequately care for her as he or she should have. In fact, I’d consider it malpractice.

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