I can’t afford a dental implant

I have a problem and I don’t know what to do. I am having a tooth extracted. My dentist says I have to get a dental implant. However, between the surgery and the restoration, I just can’t afford it. What do I do? I don’t want to leave an empty space in my mouth.

Yvette L. – Maryland


What your dentist is doing is unethical.  He is supposed to give you all your options, not just insist on the ideal treatment. Everybody is on a different budget.

There are other more affordable dental options for your situation. If you can’t afford a dental implant, maybe you can afford a dental bridge or a removable partial denture. If even those are out of your reach, you could get a dental flipper. They are meant to be temporary, but it can fill in if you’re in a pinch and need to save up for a more permanent solution.

I hope this helps.

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More affordable dentistry in Mexico

I cannot afford some of the dental work my dentist says I’ll need. It is way more affordable if I go across the border to Mexico. I was hoping you can give me some hints on ways to make sure it is a positive experience.

Hannah S. – Little Rock, AR


There is no way to ensure a positive experience in Mexico. I know it may seem like it is more affordable, but I want to give you some things to think about before you make a final decision.  There are some very good reasons that costs are higher in the United States.  You think about whether or not these are worth the extra cost.

First, in the U.S. we have laws about sterilization of dental equipment and cleanliness of the office. You will find no such laws on the books in Mexico.  While there are plenty of dentists who would voluntarily keep things clean and sterile, it is not something I would like to wonder about when I’m about to get a procedure done.

Secondly, dentists in Mexico do not have to have malpractice insurance. You might initially think that is great and just makes things more affordable for everyone all around, but ask yourslef what recourse you would have if something went wrong.

That insurance actually helps protect you too. There is a system in place in Mexico for filing complaints through the government. However, most foreigners would find the system confusing and you’d have to know all the rules and regulations. Plus, the while their government will mediate, they will not force a dentist to correct his work or refund your money, so you’ll be left holding the bag.

This blog is brought to you by Phoenix Dentist Dr. Kevin Peck.

Dr. Peck- A Dentist Who Cares

Many patients say they care about their patients, but Dr. Peck goes the extra mile. He lives within a few miles of his practice, specifically in case his patients need him. He wanted to be there for his patients when they had a dental emergency.

If you’re a dental patient of Dr. Peck’s be assured he is there for you.  But, unlike some dentists Dr. Peck will be there for you even if you’re not a patient. If you’re in dental pain, call him.  He’ll see you the same day, whether or not you are a current patient.

This blog is brought to you by Phoenix Dentist Dr. Kevin Peck.