Can’t Afford What Dentist is Insisting On

I am losing two teeth. My dentist is insisting I get dental implants to replace them, but I honestly cannot afford that. He told me that if I don’t get dental implants, I would need to find another dentist. What do I do?


Dear Fanny,

A comparison of a dental bridge next to a dental implant

I don’t like it when dentists give patients ultimatums like this. While, yes, dental implants are the best treatment for a missing tooth, not everyone can afford the top of the line. There are other, perfectly acceptable options to replace your tooth. In fact, your dentist is ethically obligated to give you all of your options. If he wants you to go to another dentist, I would oblige him.

If you can’t afford a dental implant, the next best option would be to get a dental bridge. This would require placing a dental crown on the two adjacent teeth and suspending a false tooth between them.

If even that is too much money for you, then you can look at a removable partial denture.

My suggestion is you look for someone who advertises as an affordable dentist. They are generally much more understanding about things like budgets. Some of them even have payment plan options to help you get the procedure you need.

I am sorry this happened to you. However, I am hopeful with a more compassionate dentist, you can get the care you need without having ultimatums placed on you.

There are plenty of great dentists out there. Don’t limit yourself to the one who cares more about his bank account than yours.

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