Why a night guard with lumineers?

I just spent a fortune on Lumineers and now my dentist thinks I need to buy a night guard. He said if I don’t they won’t stay bonded on. Is there anything else I’m going to have to get? I’m beginning to feel like I’m being set up for some kind of smile money pit.

Eric C.- Nashville, TN


If your Lumineers are bonded on correctly they will stay bonded on. I don’t like scare tactics and that sounds like what your dentist is using.There are reasons to get a night guard, but it depends on whether or not you are a tooth grinder or not.

Did you and your dentist discuss a tooth grinding habit or has he seen evidence of grinding and/or clenching on  your teeth? If not, I wouldn’t really take his warning too seriously. Now if you do have a griding or clenching habit then a night guard will be a very important accessory. Without it you will end up chipping your Lumineers. When you spend that much money on a smile makeover, you want to protect your investment.

Other than that, the only other thing I’d recommend for you to get for your Lumineers is Supersmile Toothpaste. It is a specialty toothpaste that is specifically designed for cosmetic work.  You can of course brush your teeth with any over the counter brand of toothpaste, but I highly recommend Supersmile for removing any stains from your Lumineers that you pick up from your food or drink.

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Brown Stains from Perioplus

My dentist prescribe perioplex to me after a recent oral surgery. However, I’ve noticed my teeth are starting to stain brown. Is this from the perioplus?

Sandy M.- Oklahoma


I did some quick research and I suspect the Perioplex is the cause of your staining. It is a good antibacterial agent, but contains chlorhexidine, which can stain your teeth. Another prescription that contains chlorhexidine is Peridex.  Don’t despair though (or stop using it) because there is a solution.

I would order the toothpaste Supersmile. It contains an enzyme that breaks down the protein pellicle on your teeth. You’ll soon have your white smile back.

Supersmile is also a great toothpaste to use on cosmetic dental work, such as porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers.

This blog is brought to you by Phoenix dentist Dr. Kevin Peck.



Oral Yeast Infections

I recently have been diagnosed with asthma and have to use an inhaler. Since I’ve started there is this white stuff on my tongue and cheeks. The affected areas are sore. Do you have any understanding of what could be happening?

Alethea B.- Mississippi


I suspect you have oral candidiasis, which is commonly known as an oral yeast infection. You can find the candida fungus in everyone’s body. Generally in their mouth, skin, and digestive tract. Sometimes, a medication that you are using can cause the microorganisms in your body to go out of balance. In this case your asthma medicine likely caused the candida fungus to grow more quickly, leading to a yeast infection.

It is simple to treat. Either your doctor or your dentist can prescribe and anti-fungal medication for you. What kind and how long you will need to take the medication will depen d on the severity of your case. Don’t leave this untreated, because it will not heal itself and can lead to other problems.

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This blog is brought to you by Phoenix Dentist Dr. Kevin Peck.