Contagious Gum Disease

Can you tell me if gum disease is contagious?

Kathy S.- Little Rock, AR


No, gum disease is not in and of itself contagious. However, the bacteria the causes gum disease can be passed from one person to another. Some of the ways this happens is by the exchange of saliva that happens when you share a drink or a toothbrush with someone. Even kissing and sneezing can do it.

The key to avoiding gum disease is good oral hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing are essential. Visit your dental office for cleaning every six months. If you have periodontal disease, you may need to go more often for a while.

You can recognize gum disease at home by swollen and bleeding gums. If this has happened, brushing alone won’t fix it. Your dentist can best describe the course of treatment you need depending on how prevalent it is.

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Inexpensive makeover

I need a way to makeover my smile that doesn’t cost a fortune. Any recommendations?

Syliva A. from Aberdeen, MD


One of the more affordable ways to give yourself a quick smile makeover is to use teeth whitening. The take home method doesn’t cost a fortune and you should be able to have a white smile in just a few weeks.

Of course, it will not remedy other issues you may have with your smile, such as gaps, chips, or crooked teeth. There are other methods for those type of smile makeovers, but they generally cost more. It would help if I new a specific issue you were wanting to address.

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Whitening a porcelain Crown

If I  have a porcelain crown on one of my front teeth can I still whiten my teeth?

Sandra W. from Alabama


You can have your teeth whitened even with a porcelain crown, however you need to be aware that it will NOT whiten the crown at all. You will want your teeth the same color. The best way to handle this, is to do teeth whitening first. Then, have your crown re-done with the lab matching the porcelain to your new level of whiteness.

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