Will Emergency Bonding Last?

I had some trauma to my front tooth. I made a trip to an emergency dentist. He did an x-ray, said the tooth looked good and then used some kind of emergency bonding to repair a chip that happened as a result of the trauma.  How long will that bonding last? I’d want an idea of when it will have to be replaced with permanent bonding.

Andrew P. – Oklahoma


I’m glad you were able to get this taken care of quickly. Emergency dental bonding is permanent bonding. So, if it was done properly, it should last for at least a couple of years.

Dental Trauma can be tricky, so even though you’ve seen an emergency dentist, I’d be more at peace if you followed up with your regular dentist in a few days. I’m not implying the emergency dentist missed something.

Trauma to a tooth can cause the blood flow to be cut off from the tooth, causing the tooth to die. That doesn’t show up on an x-ray. The first signs could be bruising under the tooth or an abscess. So, follow up is important.

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How Many X-Rays Are Really Necessary?

Can you give me an unbiased perspective? Our pediatric dentist insists on x-rays every. single. visit. I think that’s a little excessive, both for the cost and the radiation. Is that really necessary?

Emily S. – Oregon


Well, truthfully, the standard is x-rays once a year. Twice a year is not completely necessary, unless there is a special reason. For instance, if you have a family history of cavities or the dentist noticed something about your children’s teeth.

Talk to your dentist about it. If there’s nothing specific, then tell your pediatric dentist you prefer to only do the x-rays once a year.

Regarding the radiation, that’s perfectly safe. Most dentist use digital x-rays which have much less radiation than traditional x-rays.  Your children aren’t getting very much radiation.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Kevin Peck.

Are Lumineers Visible?

I have teeth in need of a smile makeover. I suggested Lumineers, but my dentist is against it. He says Lumineers or any brand of porcelain veneers aren’t good enough. He told me that people can tell when you’re wearing them. Instead he suggested cosmetic crowns. I’m not crazy about that, because even though my teeth are ugly, they are healthy. I don’t want to get rid of healthy tooth structure.

Kelli M. – South Dakota


You’re certainly thinking more clearly than your dentist. There is no reason to grind down healthy tooth structure, especially since he’s wrong about Lumineers.

When porcelain veneers are done properly, they are indistinguishable from natural teeth. They are the ideal treatment for a smile makeover. But, it has to be done right.

Don’t pressure your dentist to do this though.  You won’t get the smile you were hoping for.  My suggestion is you look for someone else to do your smile makeover. Ask to see their smile gallery to make sure they do beautiful work.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Kevin Peck.