What if I can’t reach my dentist?

I have a massive toothache, but can’t seem to reach my dentist. There is an answering machine, but I haven’t gotten a return call. If I weren’t in so much pain, I’d be OK waiting until Monday. What do you do if you can’t reach your dentist?

Neal P. – Connecticut


Most dentists have a number on their voice mail for you to call in case of emergency. Or, they’ll have an answering service for the same purpose.  If your dentist has neither, then he likely doesn’t do emergency visits.  That doesn’t help when you’re in pain, but there is a solution.

There are emergency dentists that will see non-established patients in cases like yours. You can google emergency dentist and see what pops up.

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Pediatric dentist insists my children have separate appointments

I have twin three year old boys.  They’re not naughty, but they do have a lot of energy can have trouble sititng through an entire appointment. My dentist said I have to bring them seperately so I can give my full attention to the child he’s treating.  He expects them to sit there and not ask questions or talk.  I feel not only is this unrealistic, but it is not feasible for me. I can’t spent twice the time with dental appointments and pay for a sitter every time.  Is this really what is to be expected with dental appointments? These are my first children and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.

Orianna K. – New Mexico


Three year olds generally can’t sit for a complete appointment like adults can, but every dentist has different ideas as to how they want to run things. My initial thought is that this is not the best pediatric dentist for your family.

You’ll want one who is comfortable working with young, wiggly patients. It doesn’t just have to be a pediatric specialist. It could also be a general dentist who loves working with children.  They’re completely qualified to meet the dental needs of your children.

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Fixing stained, crooked teeth without braces…and fast?

I have teeth that overlap a little in the front. That looks bad enough, but they’re also pretty stained.  I mean ugly stained. Is there anyway I can fix these really fast and without braces?  I know I’m asking a lot.

Marisa – El Paso


Well, consider me Santa Claus, because I have some good news for you.  There is a way to do all of that and more…fast.

Talk to a cosmetic dentist about Lumineers. Lumineers are a brand of porcelain veneers. They can change the shape, size, and color of your teeth. They can even make your crooked teeth look straight.

Make sure you go to a cosmetic dentist who offers a beautiful smile guarantee, like Dr. Peck does.

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