I think I was conned by an “affordable dentist”

I needed a couple of teeth replaced. The quote my dentist gave me for implants was higher than I could afford, especially because he said I’d need some bone grafting done first.  I called around to several dentists and they all said the same thing.  I was about to give up and settle on a removable partial denture, which was heart-rending for me.  Right before I scheduled the procedure, a friend recommended her dentist who didn’t require bone grafting.  I talked with him and he said he could do the procedure without the grafting and at half the price the other dentists quoted. I was so excited!!  Now, here I am many thousands of dollars later and both my implants have fallen out!! The whole thing, right out of my mouth.  Was I taken in? Are there no affordable dental implants and he was just trying to get my money?

Bella B. – Cincinnati


The problem isn’t looking for an affordable dentist. There are affordable dentists out there who do great, quality work. Then, there are those who do just about anything to draw in business, yet keep their profits up. Those aren’t affordable dentists as much as cheap. 

 It sounds to me like the one you chose, said what you wanted to hear in order to get your business.  Mind you, I say that without having examined you, which may be unfair.

However, if both implants just fell out of your mouth, that hints to me one of two things.  1. You DID need bone grafting surgery.  Your teeth are held in your jaw by the bone that surrounds the root.  Without enough jawbone, your implant procedure was doomed to fail. 2. If you did have enough jawbone to begin with, then it is likely your dentist didn’t leave enough time for osseointegration (Time for the bone to form around your implant).

If I were in your place, I would go to a skilled implant dentist and have them look at your case.  They can likely tell you what is going on.  If your dentist was negligent, you may be able to get some money back in order to have the procedure done correctly.

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How Can I Make My Lumineers Last Longer?

Hi there,

I want a new smile, and am interested in getting porcelain veneers. My cosmetic dentist works with Lumineers, so I was thinking of getting them. However, I want my smile makeover to last a long time. What can I do to make sure my Lumineers last 15-20 years?

Sidney, from Amarillo, TX


Hi Sidney,

It is good that your dentist is comfortable working with Lumineers. The first step to making sure your cosmetic dental work lasts a long time is choosing an expert cosmetic dentist. Lumineers are a type of ultra-thin porcelain, but they are placed directly over your natural teeth with no preparation. For this reason, Lumineers can look bulky or unnatural if not placed with skill and care.

You can keep your oral hygiene routine the same at home, as neither tooth brushes, tooth paste, nor mouth wash can harm porcelain. Keep up with your regular dental appointments to prevent gum disease. Also, be sure to let your oral hygienist know you have veneers, to avoid any harsh tools that can leave scratches.

Porcelain may be durable but it can be stained. Coffee and red wine are major culprits, as can be tobacco use. Try to use a straw when drinking coffee or red wine in order to minimize contact with your teeth.

Lumineers can also be ground down like your natural teeth, so make your dentist aware if you grind your teeth. A night guard will take the pressure off your veneers at night, and can prevent any fracturing.

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