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Gap Between Crown and Bridge

I have a gap between my two front teeth. One of the problems I am facing about that is that one of them is a dental crown and the other is a part of a dental bridge. Is there a way to close this gap with Lumineers or should I have them replaced?


Dear Candace,

How do you fix a gap between your teeth?

I’m going to say right off the bat that your dentist should NOT have placed these where they left a gap. He obviously does not care about appearance related dentistry. However, what is done is done and you can only move forward from here.

Typically, a dentist will fix a tooth gap by using dental bonding, but that will not work well with your dental work. There is a method that can do it but stains usually develop within a relatively short period of time.

As for Lumineers over crowns, the Lumineers company actually ran a campaign promoting that some years back that ended up flopping for reasons I’ll explain in a moment. However, even if it were a good option, I would definitely suggest you see another dentist to have it done. Your dentist does not appear to care about the aesthetics of his work, just the function. That is not a quality you want in a dentist for any type of cosmetic work. You’d want a skilled, artistic cosmetic dentist.

Bonding porcelain on porcelain, which is what would happen in the case of using Lumineers, is never as stable as bonding porcelain to natural tooth structure. Because of that you risk two sets of bonding failure. One from the original dental work and another from the Lumineers placed on top of the dental work.

When you consider it is an equal amount of work for the dentist to just remove the old dental work than it is to place new over old, you can see why the campaign failed.

That is actually what I will recommend for you. Have your dentist, or better yet a more skilled dentist, redo your dental crown and dental bridge so that there is no gap. Make sure they only use a porcelain crown on your front tooth.

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Should I Get Lumineers?


I’ve always hated my smile, and am interested in getting veneers to fix it. I’m interested in Lumineers, but I’ve heard they may not be as durable as porcelain veneers. Which would be better? I’m currently saving up for the veneers, so cost is a factor. I want the longest-lasting veneers I can get.

Sydnee, from Richmond, VA

Hi Sydnee,

Lumineers are a brand of porcelain veneer, and porcelain in general is very strong. If a veneer cracks, it’s likely because of poor bonding, rather than the material itself.

Lumineers are thinner than your usual porcelain veneer, but require a skilled dentist to make and place. In the wrong hands, they can look fake. Since they are a no-prep veneer, they can also look bulky if not bonded properly. Be sure to check your cosmetic dentist’s smile gallery first, to see if you like the look of Lumineers.

Before and after photos of smile makeovers are a good way to gauge a potential cosmetic dentist’s skill. Most dentists like their work because they get to fix problems, rather than create beautiful pieces of art. A true cosmetic dentist can combine aesthetics with functionality.

Some cosmetic dentists do not do Lumineers. Apart from requiring high levels of skill to place, they also require a special lab for processing, so some dentists opt not to work with them.  If you go to a cosmetic dentist who does not do Lumineers, it’s best not to press the issue; pushing a dentist to work with a material outside their comfort zone can have disastrous results for your smile.

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Should I Get Lumineers?


I’m writing to you because I have several chipped teeth I’d like to take care of.  They were covered with bonding material, but over the years it has worn down. I’m interested in a more permanent solution, such as  porcelain veneers to cover my teeth. I’m not sure about what type of porcelain veneer to get, and am interested in Lumineers because of their convenience. How should I go about finding a dentist to do my veneers? Do I need to go to a dentist especially for Lumineers?

Thank you,
Emi, Boston, Massachusetts

Hi Emi,

Thank you for your question. Lumineers are made from cerinate porcelain and are thinner than regular veneers. They can be bonded with no tooth preparation (roughing the tooth’s surface) so there is less discomfort and fewer visits required.

However, not every dentist is skilled at placing Lumineers. You should look for someone who has experience and education directly related to Lumineers. Pushing a dentist outside their comfort zone will not give you a good result.

Secondly, check the smile gallery of your prospective dentist. Make sure they have samples of Lumineers for you to see. Since Lumineers are placed over your existing tooth, they can appear bulky or thicker than natural teeth.

Still, finding a cosmetic dentist comfortable with placing Lumineers is the key to getting the best result with Lumineers. For example, at Dr. Hillary Peck’s Phoenix office, she will consult with patients to see if they are a good candidate for Lumineers. If Lumineers are not the best fit for you esthetically, a different brand of porcelain veneer will be suggested. A good cosmetic dentist will consider the patient’s smile design goals and esthetic concerns and not shoehorn in a one-size-fits-all solution. A cosmetic dentist will know whether Lumineers are the best solution for you.

I hope this helps. Good luck in your search. In your area, you should be able to find a good cosmetic dentist to help you.

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Poor Man’s Smile Makeover

I wanted to get a smile makeover because my teeth are so stained. Plus, I have a tiny gap between the two front teeth. I looked at porcelain veneers, but they were way out of my budget. Is there a way to get my smile more attractive without losing my home?


Dear Lexie,

Dollar sign hatched from an egg
There are always affordable alternatives.

I’m a firm believer in the fact that there’s always an affordable dental alternative. You’re right that porcelain veneers are a tad on the expensive side. However, that doesn’t mean you are trapped with a smile you’re not proud of. Based on what you described, you’re a good candidate for two procedures which can repair both of those problems. These can make your smile look beautiful.

I’d start by getting your teeth whitened. This is probably the most affordable procedure you can do for your smile with amazing results. It will take years off your appearance in one fell swoop.

In addition to that, there’s an easy solution for your tooth gap. Dental bonding uses a composite resin to fill in the gap. A cosmetic dentist will hand sculpt the new inner edges of your teeth in a way that they meet perfectly.

It’s important you whiten your teeth first. Once the resin is molded and dried, the color cannot be changed. That’s why you’ll want your teeth the color you’ll want permanently so your dentist can match the resin to it.

What You Want in an Affordable Dentist

I don’t want you to confuse a cheap dentist with an affordable dentist. A cheap dentist will cut corners, which rarely works out well for the patient. An affordable dentist will still do quality work but find other ways to save you money.

Generally, they’ll try to keep their fees reasonable, but often they also offer payment plans. They can do that with either an in-house payment plan or through Care Credit.

You also want a dentist who tells you all of your alternative treatment plans. Just like there was a more affordable option for your smile makeover, your dentist should give you all your options. It’s the only ethical way to handle things.

One other suggestion. You should always check reviews of every medical practitioner before you see them. It’s always wise to learn from the experiences of others.

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Is Affordable Dentist Dragging Out Procedures for Money?

My teeth are in bad shape. I decided to finally take steps to improve them. I don’t have a ton of money because I’m a single mom. I did some research to find an affordable dentist who had good reviews. My only question is he’s been having me come in for almost two years at least once a month. Yet, the only improvement I’m seeing is my teeth are a bit whiter. Nothing else has been done. I still have crooked teeth. I still have two chipped teeth. He knows I want to improve those things but keeps telling me we have “other priorities”. Shouldn’t I be seeing more results by now? Is he dragging this out to just make money?

Lacey Q.

Dear Lacey,

A smiling blonde with a beautiful smile

Did your dentist mention to you why he has you coming in so often? The only thing I can think of which warrants that many appointments would be advanced periodontal disease. If that’s your situation then your dentist really can’t do anything else until that is cured. If that isn’t brought under control you can actually lose your teeth.

All that being said, two years is a very long time for that to take with as often as you’ve been coming in for treatments. I’m going to recommend you get a second opinion. I’m not saying your affordable dentist is dragging things out to make up profits, but it is an unusual amount of time.

Affordable Dental Makeovers

When people think of a smile makeover, usually it’s porcelain veneers they’re talking about. However, that is a pricey procedure and not for someone on a tight budget. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a gorgeous smile. There are affordable cosmetic procedures you can have done.

But, first things first, make certain your gum disease is under control. If you get orthodontics done before that, you risk your teeth coming loose.

As an adult, you’ll want to use Invisalign for your “braces”. This will allow you to straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. Additionally, the aligners can double as teeth whitening trays which saves you even more money.

That brings us to the teeth whitening. It’s an affordable procedure which can single-handedly make you look years younger.

Once that’s completed, a good cosmetic dentist can give you dental bonding to repair your chipped teeth. You’ll have a stunning smile you can be proud of…all on a budget.

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Do Dentists Ever Offer Affordable Porcelain Veneers?

Can you help a gal out? I’ve always been embarrassed about my smile. The two front teeth overlap one another, they’re stained, and two of them are chipped. I’ve been pricing porcelain veneers because I’ve been told they can fix all of those issues at once, but they cost a fortune. Are there dentists who will offer a desperate gal an affordable smile makeover?

Mindy L.

Dollar sign hatched from an egg

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” While it’s not always true, there are certain occasions where it bears more weight. Smile makeovers, especially with porcelain veneers, are one of them. The last thing you want is a slipshod smile. There have been countless smile makeover disasters and I don’t want yours to be one of them.

With that in mind, I want you to ask yourself if it’s more important to you that you improve your smile affordably or to get porcelain veneers affordably? Based on the issues you described, there is a much more affordable way to repair and improve your smile without the high cost of porcelain veneers.

Getting an Affordable Smile Makeover

While veneers are designed for a complete smile makeover, you can get a gorgeous smile without them. Here are three procedures I’m going to recommend to you that combined will still be more affordable for you than what you’re asking for.

  • Invisalign: This straightens your teeth without wire and metal, invisibly. No one will even know you’re wearing them.
  • Teeth whitening: This will take away all the stains that are bothering you. In fact, this alone makes patients look years younger.
  • Dental bonding: Those few chips you mentioned can be easily repaired with dental bonding.

One important thing to note. Make sure you get the teeth whitening done before getting the bonding placed on the chips. You want the bonding material to match your whiter teeth, not your current stained teeth. Also, any visible fillings you have will need to be replaced to match your whitened teeth as well.

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Lumineers or Crowns for a Tooth Gap?

I have a gap between two of my teeth. I’d done some research. Before you roll your eyes I did go to my dentist with an open mind. My research said that Lumineers were the best solution. The teeth are healthy, so I figured something that didn’t require removing tooth structure was best. My dentist felt that Lumineers are flawed. I told him I was married to the brand. He could use any brand he wanted. He said all veneers have t he same problem. He suggested we do crowns and we do it right away. I’m hesitating because it means grinding down healthy teeth. What would you do?

Macy L. – Colorado


There’s nothing wrong with doing research. In your case, you had a good idea. Why remove healthy tooth structure? Your dentist was being honest too. If he says Lumineers or other brands of porcelain veneers will be problematic, it’s likely true— in his case. Not all dentists are skilled in cosmetic work. When that’s the case, they tend to go directly to porcelain crowns.

You have a couple of choices. 1. You can go along and do the procedure your dentist is comfortable with. Don’t press him to do the Lumineers. He won’t know what he’s doing and it won’t turn out the way you want. 2. You can go to a different, more skilled, cosmetic dentist. Then you can get the procedure you want. There’s another option that hasn’t been mentioned. Dental bonding is a good solution to a tooth gap. It doesn’t last as long as Lumineers, but dental bonding is significantly less expensive.

I would get Lumineers if you were interested in fixing more than just the gap. It can change the shape, size, and color of the teeth, completely remaking your smile. To me, that would make the expense of Lumineers worth it. Other than that, I’d likely go with the bonding procedure. Though, it’s up to you. Maybe you’d just rather have a procedure that won’t have to be re-done every few years.

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Will Emergency Bonding Last?

I had some trauma to my front tooth. I made a trip to an emergency dentist. He did an x-ray, said the tooth looked good and then used some kind of emergency bonding to repair a chip that happened as a result of the trauma.  How long will that bonding last? I’d want an idea of when it will have to be replaced with permanent bonding.

Andrew P. – Oklahoma


I’m glad you were able to get this taken care of quickly. Emergency dental bonding is permanent bonding. So, if it was done properly, it should last for at least a couple of years.

Dental Trauma can be tricky, so even though you’ve seen an emergency dentist, I’d be more at peace if you followed up with your regular dentist in a few days. I’m not implying the emergency dentist missed something.

Trauma to a tooth can cause the blood flow to be cut off from the tooth, causing the tooth to die. That doesn’t show up on an x-ray. The first signs could be bruising under the tooth or an abscess. So, follow up is important.

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My Lumineers need to be whitened

I had Lumineers done a few years ago. I think they’re Lumineers. He called them no-prep veneers and direct bonding. I paid a small fortune for them and didn’t expect them to need whitening this quickly. He indicated they would last for many years.  How do I take care of them getting whitened? I’ve since moved and can’t drive four hours to his office, so I’d like to know what procedure I need and have it done locally.

Louisa – Seattle


There’s something that bothers me about your question. You said he called them Lumineers (which can sometimes be no-prep veneers) and direct bonding. Those are two very different things.  Your dentist indicated they would last for many years, which would indicate some type of porcelain veneer (such as Lumineers), but you’re saying they’ve only lasted a few years, which indicates dental bonding.

The first step is to figure out which procedure you actually received. Go to a good cosmetic dentist in your new area. Let them look at your teeth, they’ll be able to tell right away what procedure you received. Also, tell them how much you paid, so he or she can determine if there’s a chance you were scammed.

Whichever procedure it was, whitening doesn’t work on any type of cosmetic work. Your only solution is to have the procedure re-done.

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Lumineers for a tooth gap

My boyfriend doesn’t like my tooth gap. He suggested I get something done about it. I talked to my dentist and he suggested lumineers. They’re awfully expensive. Is there another option?

Dana B. – Rhode Island


I hope you won’t be offended if I say you should do something about about your boyfriend before you do your tooth gap. It’s fine if you want to fix it, but only if you want to. You shouldn’t have to change your appearance for anyone else.

There is another option if you don’t think you can afford lumineers. Dental bonding can close your tooth gap. There is a downside. It won’t last as long as lumineers.  Lumineers can last for a couple of decades or more. The dental bonding will only last a few years before it will have to be re-done. However, it can give you time to save up for something more permanent.

You can also get braces or invisalign to close the gap.

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