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Implant Dentist or Emergency Dentist

My dental implant has been in for about 9 months. Everything was fine until a few weeks ago, when my jaw started hurting. I went to see my dentist who did my implants. He said everything is fine. The pain got worse and I went back. He still said everything was fine. I believed him, though was beginning to have my doubts. Today, I was eating and I realized there is puss in my mouth. the implant tooth feels loose. I’m not sure what to do. I can’t reach my dentist. Do I wait for him or see an emergency dentist? Help me, please.

  • Misty – Nevada

Dear Misty,


I’m sorry for this experience you’re having. Your dentist should have been more in tune with your concerns. It sounds like you’ve got a pretty massive infection and it needs to be dealt with. I’m surprised you can’t reach your dentist at all. Usually, there is a protocol in place for emergency situations.

Because your dentist doesn’t seem to have a procedure for situations then you need to see an emergency dentist. There is likely only two things he can do. First, he’ll give you some antibiotics to stave off the infection until your implant dentist can get in there and deal with the issue. Secondly, he may need to splint the implant tooth. Hopefully, this can be resolved in a way that allows you to save the implant.

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