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Should I see a pediatric dentist for my child’s loose tooth?

My elementary school-aged son has had loose front-teeth for a couple of months now. He complains that they hurt and give her trouble when he eats and applies pressure on them from his tongue. When I look at them, I can see them moving around and that they are very loose, so I can tell they are ready to come out. However, he will not let me near him in order to extract them myself, nor will he pull them out himself. I know a pediatric dentist could remedy the issue quickly and easily but am not sure this is something for which they see patients? I know they will pull teeth that need to be pulled, but will they remove a tooth that is basically hanging by a thread?


Dear Dan,

The ligaments which hold a tooth in place are just like a rubber band. They will stretch out but then tighten back up, causing the process of losing a baby tooth to be quite a process. It appears that your son could be experiencing this to some extent, which could be why it is taking the tooth longer to fall out on its own than you might be used to.

It’s generally a good idea to let baby teeth do their thing until they fall out naturally. Attempting to pull a baby tooth prematurely not only hurts the child but can cause unnecessary trauma to the area. The baby tooth also helps keep the space open for the adult tooth to come in.

If the tooth is bothering your child, seeing a pediatric dentist would not be a bad idea. He or she can assess the situation and ensure nothing out of the ordinary is happening or causing the delay. If the dentist determines that the baby tooth will not come out on its own, he or she may suggest extraction as a solution. But, if you think your son will oppose a dentist, as he does when you try to touch the tooth, it may be better to wait it out and let nature take its course.

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Ignored loose tooth

I was at a neighborhood play area where there are a lot of tubes. One of the boys got accidentally kicked in the mouth. He was crying pretty stoutly and there was an impressive amount of blood. The mom went over there, looked him over, said “Yay! A loose tooth.”, brushed him off, and sent him back into the tubes.  Is that OK or will there be permanent problems with his teeth? Should she have taken him to the emergency room?

Emile P.- San Francisco


It is always easy to look at a situation we’re not directly involved in and make judgments. It’s also easy for us to judge ourselves in hindsight.  However, answering your question will depend on how old the child was, or more specifically, what kind of tooth was affected.

If it was a young child, there is less of a chance it was a true dental emergency. Likely, it was just a baby tooth. The blood is not uncommon either. The mouth does bleed easily.  That was more likely blood from his mouth being cut by his tooth, than it was blood from the tooth area itself.

An older child could mean that an adult tooth was knocked loose. In that case they would need to be seen right away. The tooth will need to be stabalized so it doesn’t fall out.

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