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Peck Family Dentistry is a husband and wife team consisting of Drs. Kevin and Hillary Peck. We are not a fast-paced mass production clinic. We’re an independent family practice and we take our time with each patient. We want to get to know you and establish a long-term relationship with you. Bring your children, too. We’d like to see your whole family and help you feel part of our family.

Dr. Kevin and Dr. Hillary are both originally from southwestern Pennsylvania, and have been practicing dentistry in Phoenx since 1990. They love what they do and have traveled to Mexico and Dominican Republic to provide dental care for the needy. In their spare time here in Phoenix they will donate time to the Society of St. Vincent De Paul, the Central Arizona Services Shelter, and the Arizona Mission of Mercy. They never seem to tire of helping people with their dental needs.

An Up-to-Date Phoenix Dental Office

We are continually seeking education and training to keep up-to-date with the latest advances in dental procedures and materials and the current trends in dental technology. Some dentists are still fond of silver amalgam fillings. We use bonded, tooth-colored composite fillings. They tend to cause less post-operative sensitivity and they strengthen your teeth rather than weakening them as the amalgam fillings do. They are also both certified to place Lumineers and Dr. Kevin is certified in the placement of mini-implants. Their studies in advanced restorative dentistry earned them mentorship status with Spear Education at the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry. The doctors are both highly trained and enjoy the challenge complex reconstructive dentistry.

We Believe in Listening

We are strong believers in listening. Dentists tend to feel that “the dentist knows best”, and while we won’t dispute their expertise, it doesn’t have to come with a “know-it-all” attitude. We’ll listen and tailor our care to your particular needs. If you’re nervous about receiving dental treatment, we offer nitrous oxide gas to help you relax. If our recommended treatment plan sounds a little too much for your budget, we can suggest alternate acceptable options to correct your problem. Maybe we can space out your treatment over time or provide a no-interest payment plan. Our staff is known for their warm, helpful attitude, so you’ll feel comfortable in sharing your concerns.

Let Us Get to Know You

We would very much enjoy having you become our patient. Give us a call, or fill out our request an appointment form and we’ll call you.

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