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How Do I Get My Money Back If the Dentist Never Did the Work?

I went to an “affordable” dentist. He had a service for payment plans through something called Care Credit. I am now wondering if it is a scam. I have already paid off Care Credit. The dentist, however, did a different procedure than was paid for. The procedure was less expensive. When I mentioned the difference in cost, he said he’d give me office credit for the rest. But, I don’t want office credit. I have bills to pay and want my own money back. Do you have recommendations on how to get it?


Dear Fleur,

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I’ll start with Care Credit. It is a legitimate business and would likely not approve of the ethics your dentist used. In fact, they pay the dentist in full up front and take all the risk of you paying them back.

What your dentist did was unethical and you should get a refund of the difference between what you paid for and what service he provided you immediately. I’m also a bit concerned that, based on how it was worded above, you had to point out the price difference to your dentist. If this is true, then I highly recommend that you find a new dentist.

You can have both an affordable dentist as well as an ethical dentist. However, let’s focus on your refund. I would start by confronting him. If that doesn’t work, let him know that you will be contacting the dental board.

Those on the dental board can completely derail his career so that should perk his ears up. An additional step to take would be to write some online reviews on Yelp! and Google Reviews. About two-thirds of patients who are looking for a new dentist will check online reviews before deciding.

I’m sorry this happened to you.

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“Affordable” Dentist Disaster

I went in for a dental crown with a guy who was cheaper than the other dentists in town. I was looking to save some money but that was a big mistake. The temporary crown fell off once. I wasn’t too worried about that as it is temporary. Then, the permanent ones have fallen off over five times in as many weeks. On top of that, it is several shades whiter than my regular teeth and really sticks out…when it is staying in. I complained to my dentist and he said that he could change the color for another $400. I couldn’t afford that so felt stuck with the color. Then the crown fell out yet again and I asked him what he was going to do to keep this from constantly falling out. He said he would tell the lab the crown is defective and have them replace it. I was very clear with him that I did not want to pay any more for this crown because I’ve already paid in full and just need it to stay in. It’s not my fault it is defective. He agreed. THEN, after I get the new crown, which still doesn’t match, by the way, I get a bill for $423 saying this is what I owe after insurance from the original crown. But, I already paid that and feel like they are being deceptive to get me to pay for the new crown. What do I do?


Dear Jenny,

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There is a difference between affordable and cheap dentistry

Wow. I am sorry to hear everything you have gone through with this unethical dentist. The first thing I want you to do is NOT pay any further money. If you already paid the new fee, see if your bank will reverse the charges.

When a dentist provides a dental crown, there is a basic understanding that it will match your other teeth and stay in. That is dentistry 101. It seems like your dentist is more of a scam artist. What he’s telling you is “I will provide a dental crown. However, if you want it to match your teeth it will be $400 more. Plus, if you want it to stay in, that will be another $423. He sounds more like a used car shyster than a medical practitioner.

Next, do not return to the office. I want you to go to another dentist in your local area and recruit them to help you get a refund. If you are not dealing with a front tooth, you will not need an expert cosmetic dentist, just an honest one. There are more honest dentists than unethical ones, though it probably doesn’t seem that way now.

If your dentist refuses the refund, tell him you will be reporting him to the dental board. Believe me, they will be on your side.

Please don’t forget to leave a review about what this dentist did to warn any other potential victims.

I know you were looking to save money, but there is a big difference between a cheap dentist and an affordable one. Never go with the dentist who is substantially lower than the rest of the dentists in that area. It’s usually a red flag. However, look for an affordable dentist whose prices are reasonable and who is willing to work with you on payments.

This blog is brought to you by Phoenix Dentist Dr. Hillary Peck.