Is this how Lumineers Should Go?

I have a question about the Lumineers process because I am afraid that I am being ripped off. I paid up front and it was a LOT. The dentist did the impressions after the tooth preparation was done. Then, we were told it would take two weeks for the Lumineers to come in.

Here is what has me worried. At the two week mark, the dentist called and told me that the lab had contacted her. They said that there was a problem with the impressions and they have to be redone, which means coming back in and starting over.

Is this normal or should I be concerned?


Dear Katie,

I am glad you wrote because this is not normal and I am a bit concerned. I don’t think your dentist is necessarily trying to rip you off. I just think that she is in over her head. I doubt you will be happy with the results.

While it is not uncommon for a dentist to have a bad set of impressions from time to time, here is what is bothersome.

First, your dentist did not recognize that the impressions were bad. The lab should not have needed to tell her that. She should have recognized it and been proactive. Now maybe she thought, “Well, they’re not great but they may be good enough.” Here is the problem with that. Do you want a dentist who is doing your smile makeover, which you paid a fortune for, to think “good enough” is what you want? People who come in for smile makeovers want something gorgeous.

Second, for the lab to call her and tell her that the impressions need to be redone means that they were unusable. That should have been easily recognizable by her.

Third, why wait the full two weeks? Was it a matter of she kept telling the lab to try to work with them when they first called early on because she was too prideful to call you? This is not a good sign either.

Lumineers, which are just one brand of porcelain veneers, are routinely and heavily marketed to inexperienced cosmetic dentists as being easy to place. Believe me, nothing is easy about porcelain veneers.

My recommendation is that you tell your dentist you want a full refund and then find a dentist who has more expertise in cosmetic work. Make sure you ask to see before and after pictures of work they’ve done.

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