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Brown Stains from Perioplus

My dentist prescribe perioplex to me after a recent oral surgery. However, I’ve noticed my teeth are starting to stain brown. Is this from the perioplus?

Sandy M.- Oklahoma


I did some quick research and I suspect the Perioplex is the cause of your staining. It is
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Why am I drooling?

I recently got a snake bite piercing. Since then I’ve been drooling like nuts. Is this from the piercing? I’ve never drooled before.

Kevin B.- Pine Bluff, AR


It is very likely the drooling is a result of the snake bite piercing. Here’s why. Any type o
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Do I have to have an extraction?

My upper left molar that we thought needed to be capped because part of it was missing is really starting to radiate pain. The only time I get relief is when I drink something cold. Am I making a mistake just getting it capped? Should I get it extracted?

Julia R.- New Jersey

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